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Sobolev spaces

Sandy's blackboard, Dec 2011This photo was taken in the former office of Sandy Davie, a recently retired professor at the University of Edinburgh. The writing on the board is the result of conversations with another professor, Istvan Gyongy, about partial differential equations in Sobolev spaces. It’s a great example of a typical mathematician’s blackboard, with chalk being drawn over old chalkĀ  and some evidence of half-hearted rubbing out with hands. Mathematicians usually prefer to make this kind of a ‘mess’ rather than interrupt the flow of ideas to clean the board properly.


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  1. Sebastian Ryder

    James Martin would like to use this image for his book The War and Peace of the Nuclear Age: Russian Roulette with Civilization. I am doing image research for him. Please advise how we can obtain rights to this image. Many thanks.

    April 4, 2012 at 2:47 pm

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