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Galois theory

Don Zagier on modular forms

zagier_modular_forms_blackboard-July2015Théophile Cantelobre, a student at the Lycée Louis-le-Grand, sent me this photo from a summer school he’s been attending in Bremen. He writes:

“Yesterday night, we had an improvised lecture by Don Zagier introducing us to modular forms. Ben Heuer, a PhD student in number theory in London, continued on to finish an explanation started earlier about the connections between elliptic curves, Galois representation and modular forms and notably the implications towards Fermat’s Last Theorem.

A friend of mine (Richard) took a picture of the board… it’s a special one: a lecture given by Don Zagier with John Conway in the audience!”

It certainly looks like an exciting and dynamic lecture judging by the board!


Therefore 7 is prime

Therefore 7 is primeThis photo of a blackboard was posted by an anonymous user (“yesmanapple”) on Reddit, who I hope doesn’t mind it being posted here. I love how the difficult Galois theory and topology surrounds the statement “therefore 7 is prime”. Brilliant. If you are yesmanapple, please reply and tell us more!